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They Spun Web Of Information On Deer Hunting

November 22, 1998

By Bob Hodge, Knoxville News-Sentinel Outdoors Editor

Charlie Sage and Dennis Goldsby are trying to put Tennessee deer hunting on the map by putting it on the worldwide web. And they're doing a pretty good job.

Sage and Goldsby are creators of Tennessee Deer, a website devoted exclusively to all aspects of deer hunting in Tennessee. From a forum page to classified ads to up-to-date weather information, there's not much Sage and Goldsby have left out.

The website can be contacted at

"This is something that Dennis and I started talking about last year," Sage said. "There really wasn't anything for local hunters, hunters in Tennessee, to grab a hold to on the web so we thought there would be some interest."

It appears the only thing Sage and Goldsby did wrong was underestimate the amount of interest.

Goldsby, a systems programmer for Federal Express in Memphis, designed the site's look. Since Tennessee Deer opened for business three months ago it has received a little more than 22,000 visits.

Sage said the site is receiving 350 to 400 hits per day.

"We've talked to hunters that say it's the first thing they look at before they go hunting," Sage said. "They can find sunrise, sunset, the moon phases, our weather link . . . just about anything you need to know before a hunting trip."

Sage and Goldsby are dedicated hunters themselves and have tailored the website to provide hunters with just about anything they need to know about deer hunting in Tennessee. But along with the facts and figures hunters are looking for, there's a an open forum and a chat room where hunters can exchange their opinions.

Everything from the state of the state's mast crop to the controversial two-buck limit have been roundly discussed and analyzed by hunters from across the state.

Although Sage and Goldsby primarily hunt West Tennessee, the site gives equal time and space to Unit B hunters.

"When we first started we were getting most of our hits from East Tennessee," Sage said. "Now we're getting hunters from all over the state and we've had some traffic from all over the world."

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