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November 22, 1998

By Rob Sommerville Woods and Water Outdoors Columnist


Are you unable to get to the woods to go after that elusive whitetail buck? Are you rained out of a day in the field? Are you sitting in your office, dreaming of a huge antlered rack? Are you unable to sleep the night before a hunt due to an early rase of buck fever? Well guess what loyal readers, Dennis Goldsby has come to our rescue.

Dennis is a computer programmer who resides in Lucy, TN in North Shelby County. He is 39 years old and a happily married father of three children. Dennis wanted to combine his professional skills with his passion; which is deer hunting. And that is just what he did, along with promotional help from Charlie Sage, of Lakeland, TN. The final product is a web site called tndeer.com.

This versatile web site opens the doors to anyone who has a computer and loves deer hunting. It has pages listing the exact sunrise/sunsets of the entire state, it lists moon phases, 1998-99, regulations and limits, a free classified ad section, a conference board, a trophy room for pictures of your harvests, deer sightings by county, and a chat room Called 'Deer Talk Forum'.

I happened on this site when activating 'YAHOO' search engine, and typing in Tennessee and hunter, in the search box. I ended up staying on this sight for over three hours, and have visited it daily. There is a veritable treasure chest of information available here. It opens up with the home page showng a graphic of our Volunteer State, with a running deer overlaid on it. Suddenly you hear the audible grunt of a rutting buck, and you're on.