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Name: Shaun Ford
Date: 11/25/02
Harvest Location: Fentress
Size: 7 Point
Shot Distance: Ya Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: "Well, my son and I were hunting in Fentress County. It was Tuesday after opening day when this buck came running across in front of us at about 100 yards. My son shot and we thought it was a good shot so we waited for about 15 minutes and started to go down to the buck and see what we had. The buck was laying down as we approached and suddenly two stray dogs came running by us and the buck jumped up and ran down the holler with the dogs right behind it. After about an hour of tracking we came to the conclusion that the buck had ran towards our neighbors. So, we went back to our cabin and got the truck and drove over to the neighbor, who wasn't home. I parked the truck and left a note. We found a fairly good blood trail right in his backyard and tracked him down to a small creek. I looked up then down the creek and there he was right in the middle. My son took off his boots, waded out into the creek and drug the buck to shore where I helped put him up on the bank. "

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