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Name: Jeff Gilisson
Date: 12/09/02
Harvest Location: Henry
Size: 9 Point
Shot Distance: 55 Yards
Harvested With: Muzzleloader
Story: "I took this good 9-Point during the second muzzleloader season on December the ninth, exactly three years from the date my dad killed his big eight Point. I couldn't make up my mind where I wanted to hunt that evening and I almost went to a different area where my dad had seen a nice buck the season before. I decided to hunt where I had taken my wife the evening before. We saw three deer but couldn't get a shot. It was late when I got situated, almost 4:00 pm. when I was completely ready to hunt. I saw nothing or heard nothing until someone shot. I almost jumped out of the tree it was so loud. About 15 seconds later I heard the sound of several deer running through the woods and I could hear them coming my way fast. I raised my gun and looked for a shooting lane because I knew I would have to make a quick shot. As the deer came closer I saw white looking antlers on the lead deer. I didn't think he was a shooter though. As he moved into better view I could see his rack was out past his ears on both sides and he looked to have pretty good mass so I put the cross hairs on his lungs and squeezed the trigger. After the shot he took a few steps toward me and looked cautiously toward my tree. I thought "oh no, I made a bad shot". The deer slowly walked to my right and bedded down about 25 yards from my tree. All I could do was franticly reload my gun and hope I could get a second killing shot. The buck got up and walked about 30 yards from where he was and bedded back down. I put the cross-hairs on his chest and squeezed the trigger but the gun didn't fire. The old 209 primer hadn't been removed from path of the firing pin so I removed it and the deer got back up and moved about five yards. I was getting nervous because the deer was almost out of my sight and all I could see was his hind quarter. I decided it was now or never and I put the scope on his right back leg and squeezed off slowly. I could see him wobbling down the hillside as the smoke cleared. I got down from my tree and spooked several deer. I looked for several minutes before I found him lying on his feet and still breathing. I had to shoot him one more time, and 30 seconds later he expired. I called my dad on our two way radios and told him what happened and that I had killed my first nine point buck and he said congratulations, I'm very proud of you!"

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