Real People Real Hunters ~ RealTree Camo

Name: James Randolph
Date: 11/08/02
Harvest Location: Weakley
Size: 5 Point
Shot Distance: 55 Yards
Harvested With: Muzzleloader
Story: "Me and my best friend went to hunt at our new lease and things got off to a bad start. I drug a scent rag most of the way to my stand, and at first light I heard something coming. It came right to my stand by way of my scent trail. Unfortunatley, it was a black and tan coon hound! After running him off, I radioed Jimmy and told him of my luck. I decided to move after 30 minutes and got down. On the way there, I spotted movement in front of me. I saw it was a buck and I eased down to the ground. Finally after a few minutes, he gave me a shot. He only went about 15 yards."

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