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Name: Brent Brouillette
Date: 01/10/03
Harvest Location: Lincoln
Size: 9 Point
Shot Distance: 120 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: "This deer was bagged the last day of deer season. I had been seeing signs of him all over, but I was never in the right spot. I finally decided to hunt the edge of a cut soy field is when I first seen him. My first shot was about 250 to 300 yds. I climbed down and decided to take a look because it started getting dark. I missed! I noticed a Doe walking towards me, so I waited. Then another right behind her. Instead of filling a Doe tag, I decieded to scan the area where I first shot at the Buck, well when I did, I seen him again! I shot and missed again! Well at that time I was feeling pretty bad, I spent 8 years in the Marine Corps, they dont train you to miss! Well the deer was still there. Everything I learned in the corps I applied. I didnt freak out or lose control. But that day instead of One Shot One Kill it was Three shots, One Kill!."

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