Real People Real Hunters ~ RealTree Camo

Name: Todd Reynolds
Date: 12/21/01
Harvest Location: Henry
Size: 9 Point
Shot Distance: 170 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: "I entered this 35 acre soybean field about 6:30 headed to my climbing stand. The field was very hilly. When I got about half way to my stand I saw a huge buck standing with three Does. I could just see his horns sticking up over the crest of the hill because he was almost at the bottom of the slope. I dropped to my stomach before he saw me. He was at least 300 yards away. I crawled on my stomach at least half the distance between me and the buck through soybean stubble. I didn't mind getting stuck by bean stalks at all. When I got to where I could barely see the buck over the crest of the hill, I laid my arms on the peak of the hill and quickly fired and dropped him."

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