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Name: Mike Ford
Date: 11/16/97
Harvest Location: Fentress
Size: 12 Point
Shot Distance: 100 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: I was hunting in Fentress County with my 14 year old son Adam on Tuesday after opening day of rifle season in 1997. It was a rainy morning and my son started getting chilled. At 9:20am he asked me if it was alright if he went in. We were hunting at a barn overlooking a 19 acre field on the side of the mountain and the house was down an old logging road about 34 of a mile. I told him sure, but that I was going to stay for awhile. A little fog was also coming in and a breeze was starting to blow out of the southeast. I switched to the other side of the barn to block the wind blown rain and after a few minutes the wind switched and was blowing from the northwest right into me. I put my gun down and poured myself a cup of coffee from my thermos and took a glance at my watch-10:00am. Suddenly a quick movement caught my attention over to my left at the logging road. I only had time to see it was a buck. The buck was in full flight. He jumped a four wire fence and cut right in front of the barn at a dead run. I grabbed my Remington 30.06 and put the scope on him and fired blowing the heck out of a black locust tree four feet from the barn. I then left both eyes open and shot at the deer and made a nice shot. He ran off about 100 yards out into the field, wobbled and fell. By the time I got to him it was raining cats and dogs and I realized he was a nice buck. I field dressed him and went for help to get him out. My son Adam was the first one out the door. He had been sitting listening for me to shoot. All three of my sons hunt with me regularly, but Adam has a tendency to stay alittle longer with the old man when we go out hunting now

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