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Name: Wes Odle
Date: 12/02
Harvest Location: Perry
Size: 8 Point
Shot Distance: 200 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: "We had been working on a new goose pit after deer hunting that morning with no luck. A good friend of mine needed to leave a bit early and was on his way out of the farm. He radioed back to me that a good buck was standing in a field on the way back to the gate. I immediately jumped in the truck and drove to where he was. We were still about 600 yds away from where the deer was and didn't know if he was still in the field or not. I crawled up an old ditch bank to a brush pile that I thought would be about 200yds out. When I got to the brushpile there was no deer that I could see. He then stepped out of some high grass, giving me a perfect broadside shot at 200 yds...I thought. When I scoped him he had a corn stalk running through his antlers and appeared to be 2 perfect drop tines with extra stickers!!! A bit nervous, I had a perfect rest holding right behind the shoulder and squeezed off a shot. The buck merely took 2 steps and looked around. I quickly bolted another, thinking I had maybe flinched and pulled low, held right on and squeezed off another. He didn't even move this time, just looked around. I quickly bolted another holding a hair higher and squeezed off one more. He was hit but in a dead run. I bolted one more and rolled him just before getting to the ridge. I ran over to within 50 yds and he was trying to get up again. I attempted to bolt another shot to finish the game, but realized that I had no more shells!!!! By this time, my friend had showed up with the truck and luckily with his rifle and shells. We finished him off and loaded him up to take back to the others. It turns out the first shots were at 270yds and I was shooting right under him. Thanks to dumb luck, I was able to bag my 2nd largest buck off of our farm."

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