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Name: Clint Walker
Date: 11/10/03
Harvest Location: Sequatchie
Size: 7 Point
Shot Distance: 40 Yards
Harvested With: Bow
Story: "My dad and I were hunting one of our favorite areas on the morning of November 10th, 2003. It was a beautiful morning, about 40 degrees with very little wind. This nice 7 point came past Dad's stand at about 6:45, but he misjudged the yardage and shot under him. He ran about 150 yards and stopped near my stand. He finally walked into a good shooting lane, broadside at 40 yards. I had practiced all summer at ranges up to 60 yards, and felt confident that I could make this shot connect. I took my time, made a careful release and saw the arrow hit home. It was a little lower than I had intended, but it was a perfect heart shot. The 100 grain broadhead did its job well, and he ran less than 60 yards."

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