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Name: Thomas Hooker
Date: 11/28/03
Harvest Location: Moore
Size: 10 Point
Shot Distance: 280 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: "A major front was coming through. It was 60 degrees the night before, but dropping in the morning into the 30's. There was also 2 inches of rain with thunderstorms the night before and it was still raining when at sunrise. The temp had dropped to 38 degrees and the wind was howling at 15 to 20 mph. I expected to see quite a bit of movement. Long story short I passed on a 6 point and later an 8 point. The 8 point had a broken left leg and was hopping to get around. Even though he was not shooter quality I toyed with the idea to take him out of his misery, but opted not to. The right side of his antler was much bigger that his left and I assumed it may have been because of the injury and he may have been getting around like that for quite some time. Later 5 does came busting out of the tall saw grass and ran into the woods. About 30 minutes later they came back out again and crossed the field. Although I could take a doe on this hunt I was holding out with hopes of a shooter buck. Then this 10 pointer came out of the saw grass with his nose to the ground running at full throttle. He was following the does trail and before I could even get a good look at him he was gone. When he got to the edge of the field I saw does running everywhere. The chase was on! However, the buck had dissapeared. Disgruntled, I decided about 20 minutes later to do a ratteling session and it apparently got his attention. Not 5 minutes later he came back out into the filed again walking at a rather quick pace. I attempted to a vocal grunt to get him to stop, but the wind was too high and he could not hear me. So then I just yelled, "HEY" as loud as I could. He stopped and looked dead at me. No time to ponder I elevated the crosshairs for the shot and pulled the trigger the second I stabalized the gun. He bolted and ran 30 yards where he piled up with a completely shattered shoulder. The shot was my longest in my deer hunting carrer. 280 yards."

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