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Name: Daniel Teague
Date: 11/27/03
Harvest Location: McMinn
Size: 9 Point
Shot Distance: 30 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: "I kept hearing this deer in there breaking limbs and getting closer. I couldn't see it to save my life. Then all a sudden I see its tail. It was fluffed out and positioned kinda horizontal. He was working his neck trying to maneuver his antlers around the thick stuff. Then he steps out in the clear of this old road bed. He is 30 yards from me and now he is standing there peeing all over himself rubbing his tarsel glands together. He's in the open. I'm in the open and standing up. And he don't even care I'm there. BOOM. The rains started when I was field dressing...after having to run back to the house to get all my other stuff."

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