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Name: Dustin Watson
Date: 11/17/00
Harvest Location: Ft Campbell
Size: 10 Point
Shot Distance: 20 Yards
Harvested With: Shotgun
Story: It was November 17, me and my two brothers and I were hunting in area 24. At about 2:20 I heard one my brother shoot a few hundred yards from me. In a few moments I heard some movement just out of sight. So I picked up my grunt call and grunted. Just as I finished my sequence and I heard heavy foot steps and loud deep grunts. Then through a thicket I saw him coming. He came right to my stand and at 20 yards I downed him. He's green gross score was 158 BC,and weighed 164 pounds. Later when I met up with my brother to find out that he had taken a 6 point, and spooked the big buck my way. Lucky for me he didn't see him first. My other brother also taken a 8 point that scores in the mid 120's BC.

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