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Name: Gary Sams
Date: 10/17/87
Harvest Location: Greene
Size: 8 point
Shot Distance: 15 Yards
Harvested With: Muzzleloader
Story: According to Gary, this great Greene County buck still holds the record as the largest buck harvested for the county.
The first time I saw this buck was early in the summer. I was in my dads backyard when I happened to see this buck on the hill behind the house. He looked like an elk to me with his rack in velvet making it appear even larger. I had never seen a buck that large and his rack was still growing. From that moment on I knew that buck was mine and I had many restless nights waiting for bow season. I knew he would make the PY record book easy.
The rest of the summer and early fall I watched and photographed him several times. I kept a record of times and location that he was spotted by myself or one of the neighbors. I felt confident that on opening day he would be mine but the constant fear of the big buck falling to a spotlighter or road poacher weighed heavy on me.
Opening day of bow season arrived and my hopes crashed. I never saw the buck the entire season until the last day and I didn't have a bow. The buck had moved to a different ridge and was in the company of 3 Doe, one spike, one four point, one six point and another smaller eight Point. I placed a drip bottle over a mock scrape and hoped that it might hold them in the area. The next weekend was muzzleloader season and I thought about taking my bow but decided I couldn't take the chance of watching the buck just out of bow range.
I was lucky, the group stayed on the ridge but was seen by many people from a nearby road. I knew I would only have this one chance as hunters crowded the property line. I hadn't seen a thing all morning and had just finished my dinner as I had planned to stay in the stand all day. At 12:00 noon things started happening as the three Doe and a spike ran under my stand, then the older bucks started to filter through the honeysuckles toward my stand. The big boy was the last to arrive and at 15 yards, easy bow range, I dropped him nearly in his tracks with the muzzleloader. The other deer didn't spook and gave me a chance to reload but I had the deer I was after and was content to let the others go for next year.
His total score was 152 78 before deductions but ended with an official score of 149 48.
Gary Sams

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