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Name: Dawn Harrison
Date: 12/20/03
Harvest Location: Moore
Size: 2 Point
Shot Distance: 75 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: "Having not taken a deer in about 5 years due to playing basketball, Dawn had told me that she wanted to go deer hunting some if I had time to take her. This is a fathers dream to take the next generation to the woods and spend quality time with your kids. Anyway after having a problem with her gun that morning Dawn wanted to go on an afternoon hunt so we went to her Pa Wayne's farm to see if she could get a shot. Right before dark this spike came out and worked his way towards our location. At about 100 yards dawn got ready for the shot. When the buck got within 80 yards I gave her the ok to take the shot whenever she was ready. Dawn in her usual laid back attitude made an wonderful shot on the buck to put him down. As a father and hunter there is no better feeling you will ever have than seeing the face of your child when they accomplish something that they set out to do. I have taken some good bucks in my days of hunting, but none compare to this spike or the 9 pointer which was the first buck Dawn ever took."

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