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Name: Bobby Todd
Date: 11/30/03
Harvest Location: Hardeman
Size: 10 Point
Shot Distance: 60 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: "Bobby Todd killed this 10 point south of Grand Junction. On hot windy morning in November, when he didn't feel good ,he forced himself to go hunting. Arriving late, about 7:15 and setting in an area that he'd hunted before, he was not sure of the sound he'd heard. His ear had detected an antler clicking type sound. He scanned the area the noise came from and saw a small opening with hair. The buck slipped down its' path with Bobby only catching climpses thru the wooded edge. Then the antlers came into view but not much else. Then the buck angled slightly away and an opening in the brush gave Bob his shot. A heart shot at 60 yards. The buck fell almost where it was shot."

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