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Name: Mark A. McNabb
Date: 11/22/00
Harvest Location: Hamilton
Size: 10 Point
Shot Distance: 30 Yards
Harvested With: .35
Story: Mark was hunting with his brother Mike and their dad, Alan. They were on their way out of the woods, after hunting all morning, when Mark noticed a deer to the left of the trail. He could tell it was a nice deer with at least 4 points when he took aim and squeezed the trigger. The deer ran about 30 more yards then dropped. With one shot Mark had taken his first deer. He quickly checked out the deer and found it had a very respectable 10 point rack. However, upon closer inspection he found that the deer was not a buck, but a Doe He had a fun time at the checking station because they weren't sure how to write it up. They finally decided to call it a 10 point male with female parts. A very rare animal that has given Mark a great first deer hunting story.

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