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Name: Chase Shavers
Date: 11/10/02
Harvest Location: Shelby
Size: 14 Point
Shot Distance: 30 Yards
Harvested With: Muzzleloader
Story: "My dad told me that there was a giant buck in the woods by the house, so I asked him if he would go buy me a muzzleloader, because I was tired of using his. It was the last day of muzzleloading season, in 2002, and my dad went and bought me this muzzleloader, the day before. I had to go to school the day after , and I had hunted my butt off the hole weekend. We sighted the gun in the day before I went to the woods. I got in the woods and about two or three hours before it got dark, I hoped up on my stand. About fifteen minutes after I got on my stand, I heard a crack, or a stick pop in the woods behind me . I couldn't see what it was that made the noise but I knew it was big. So I waited about a minute, and I was looking in the field that was in front of me. A big white rack appeared in the corner of my eye and I knew it was gonna be the biggest buck that I had ever seen in my whole life. I moved my head slightly, and this monster was standing right under my stand. I think I caught a lil' buck fever when I saw it and I thought I was gonna die. I stood up so I could get a good clean shot. After I stood up the deer looked up at me as if he was staring in the eyes. He took a step forward and caught a big whiff of me and he down winded me. He ran back in the woods like a freight train. I thought he was gone but the deer circled into a thick brush. I saw the rack and I could barely see his front leg and I said, "its now or never". I drew up my brand new muzzleloader, took the safety off and aimed. I took a good moment and fired. I shot the deer right in the bull's-eye, right behind his front leg . That was the best day of my life!"

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