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Name: Brian Shultis
Date: 11/06/01
Harvest Location: Cumberland
Size: 8 Point
Shot Distance: 40 Yards
Harvested With: Muzzleloader
Story: "I shot this 8 pointer the second day of muzzleloader season. It has a unusual rack with the antler on the left side is webbed and the antler on the right side has a broken off drop tine (my luck). I had to leave my stand early to go to work and it was about 9:30 am. When walking out of the woods from my stand down a logging road this buck ran down the road and stopped about 40 yards from me, looking dead at me and no place for me to hide I just froze in the middle of the road and after a few moments he turned broadside and was just fixing to run when I got a shot off and dropped him in his tracks. My brother met me at the deer after he had heard me shoot. While we were field dressing my deer, my brother heard something and said be still. So I froze and slowly looked up and on that same logging road not 50 yards from us popped two small bucks (4 pointers) out of the woods on that same logging road. We both let them cross the logging road before we moved. Quickly my brother reached over and got his muzzleloader off the bank where it was leaning. And believe it or not the 2 small bucks were just off the road a few yards and he shot the biggest rack of the two 4 pointers. A hard to believe story but it happened. And we both got bucks that day and it hasn't happened since."

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