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Name: Keith Gibson
Date: 10/01/04
Harvest Location: Weakley
Size: 8 Point
Shot Distance: 35 Yards
Harvested With: Bow
Story: "I set up my Summit climber in a location in our creek bottoms with good deer signs and plenty of acorns. At 8:22am I noticed a small 8-point buck coming along the trail to my left. He walked in front of my stand at about 30 yards and then moved up the ridge near the path that I used to enter the woods. He knew something wasn't right and he did his best to try to wind me, but fortunately I had the wind advantage. Just a few minutes later I noticed a couple of more bucks coming down the trail (another 8-point and a 6-point). By 8:28am I had a total of 5 bucks working their way up towards a white oak straight in front of me. None of these were shooters so I kept waiting. Then, just a couple of minutes later I looked back to my left and saw this bad boy, slowly inching his head out of the thicket. He proceeded down the same path that all of the smaller bucks took. I waited for the right time, drew my bow while his head was behind a tree and then let out a short "meeehhh". He stopped in his tracks and looked my way at about 35 yards. I released the arrow and it traveled right through his lungs. He went up the ridge about 45 yards and dropped. "

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