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Name: Ethan Vaughn
Date: 10/16/04
Harvest Location: Ft Campbell
Size: 8 Point
Shot Distance: 65 Yards
Harvested With: Shotgun
Story: "I killed this deer on area 21 at Fort Campbell. Me and dad were hunting a hardwood hollar between 2 huge cedar thickets. Two of our buddies were on down from us about 400 yards. We hadn't been sittin there 15 min. when 3 does and a big spike came by. I didn't want to shoot a little buck so I shot at 1 of the does. I shot just under her. They took off into the thicket. Then I looked to my right and here came two nice 8 points. They came right down in front of me about 65 yds. I could tell that this one had longer tines than the other one. He eased down into an opening and I stopped him and pulled the trigger. I could tell that I hit him and he ran over bout 80 yards and piled up. I was so excited because this was by far my biggest deer. I saw him laying there and dad said to make sure that he is dead. I said he is. So I layed my gun down and grabbed his horns and he got up and took off! So I grabbed my gun and shot him back down while he was running and that finished him for good. I just thank God for keeping me safe because I could have got hurt really bad."

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