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Name: Kevin Thomas
Date: 10/01/99
Harvest Location: Haywood
Size: 8 Point
Shot Distance: 20 Yards
Harvested With: Bow
Story: This was a perfect hunt. One you would think about when you are sitting in a tree waiting for the nice buck that perhaps would be the best size deer that you may ever kill close to home. I was hunting the second week of bow season in the 1999 season when I shot him with a bow. The location was my usual territory but a new stand site in Haywood Co. TN. bordering Crockett Co. I decided to hunt this place after taking a Doe the week before. Opening weekend This site was about 450 yards from there. When I climbed the tree to hunt I did not expect anything in particular to come by me. But about 9:00am I heard a commotion to my left and looked over and saw several deer coming towards me. There were 6 deer. 4 Doe and two bucks.
They were in single file walking in my direction. This one was the last one to walk by me at 20 yards. The other buck was a yearling so as soon as I saw this bigger rack I did not take my eyes off of his vitals, concentrating on the shot. I had to really concentrate to make the shot because it had been two years since I had shot a BUCK with my bow. Especially one that had more deer with him. When he got close enough I took the shot. It was a pass through and it landed a bit to the rear of the vitals. Later when I thought about it, what I did wrong was grip my bow in the excitement upon release. The other deer were very close to the tree I was in, perhaps all of them between 5 to 18 yards. When I made the shot the other deer took one quick step and then stopped. He on the other hand ran another 40 yards or so and stopped. To my suprise the deer calmed down and began walking the same way as they were going and the 8-point began walking back towards them not realising he was shot. He stopped and went down about 35 yards from me never to get up again on his own.

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