Real People Real Hunters ~ RealTree Camo

Name: Joe Johnson
Date: 11/13/04
Harvest Location: Oak Ridge WMA
Size: 9 Point
Shot Distance: 100 Yards
Harvested With: Muzzleloader
Story: "During the morning, my wife and I saw two does and one 4-point. She went home at lunch but should have stayed! Between 1-2 o'clock, I saw 2 nice bucks but couldn't confirm they were QDM legal because my binocs were still in my backpack. I moved closer to where they had come from. About 4:45, a doe came running along the same trail. About 2-3 minutes later, I saw this deer coming with his head down. After looking through the binocs to confirm he was legal, I waited until he came into a shooting lane and pulled the trigger. Nothing happened. The safety was still on! After turning it off, I waited until he came into another shooting lane and pulled again! This time, he dropped in his tracks!"

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