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Name: Randell Presley
Date: 12/11/04
Harvest Location: Davidson
Size: 22 Point
Shot Distance: 110 Yards
Harvested With: Muzzleloader
Story: "Randell had been hunting all day with no luck. He decided to call it a day on late Saturday afternoon but before he did he went and checked the wheat field first. He saw what he thought was a doe out in the field and decided a doe was better than nothing so he began to sneak into shooting range. As Randell got ready to shoot, the "doe" raised its head and this "doe" became a 22 point buck. After Randell regained his composure he fired a shot but nothing happened. The cap had come off the nipple of his muzzleloader. Randell hit the ground and quickly put another cap on his gun. He expected the buck to be gone when he stood up but it was still standing there looking around. Randell aimed his gun again and fired another shot that this time went off and covered 110 yards towards the target. After the smoke cleared, nothing of the deer was to be seen. Randell walked to where the buck last stood and found nothing. He was not sure if he hit the buck so he decided to leave and come back the next morning. On Sunday morning Randell took his tree stand and sat up in a tree overlooking the wheat field and remained there studying the situation and recalling what had happened the night before. At 9 am Randell got down out of his stand and walked over to where the buck had been standing again. This time he found 2 patches of hair on the ground, he knew then that the buck had been hit. After walking back and forth across the field and into the woods he finally found the first blood spot. He tracked the deer up and down hills and hollers and across fences for 200 yards before he found where the buck finally had stopped. This buck had a hole in his back leg where he had been shot with a bow and had grown back creating a softball size knot and he had buckshot in his front shoulder where someone else had shot him with a shotgun."

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