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Name: Shaun Ford
Date: 11/26/04
Harvest Location: Fentress
Size: 8 Point
Shot Distance: 350 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: "It was early Friday morning the day after Thanksgiving. Shaun and I were hunting an old field near our farm in Pall Mall. Woods hunting was tough since there was virtually no mast this year, so we decided to set up over this field. As daylight came upon us a doe came prancing out into the field and closely behind her was a really nice buck. Two apple trees block Shaun's shot and the buck and the doe disappeared over the back of the field out of our sight. I pulled out my grunt and grunted a series towards where we saw the buck last. Shaun was a little upset with himself for not taking a shot between the two apple trees, but I told him the doe may bring the buck back into the field. As I said that Shaun grabbed his gun and said he saw the buck. A nice shoulder shot from his 7mm Mag and the big buck was down at close to 350 yards. Another wall mount for his room and some good eatin' for the Ford family."

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