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Name: Adam James
Date: 12/31/04
Harvest Location: Fayette
Size: 16 Point
Shot Distance: 15 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: "I killed the deer in Fayette County, South of Whiteville on December 31, 2004. HAPPY NEW YEAR! I had hunted my usual stand that morning and did not see anything. I went up another opening where my son hunts around 9:00 rattled and grunted, nothing. I was on my way back to the truck to head home and something in my gut told me to hunt this other stand. It is about 100 yards from where I park my truck. I had not hunted this stand all year. I got to the deer stand around 9:30 and was going to leave at 10:00. I was getting ready to leave after smoking a cigarette and I thought I would stay in the stand for about 5 more minutes. I was just about to get down when I hear something behind my left shoulder. There is a cedar tree right behind my stand and I could see deer legs coming below the cedar tree. Two does come out about 10 yards away. I shoot the first doe which is the larger of the two. The second doe is still standing there. I shoot the second doe. Two shots are fired at this time. Right after I shoot the second doe I see antlers sticking out from the cedar tree. I have one doe running off and another on the ground kicking. This buck steps out from the cedar tree and gives me a 15 yard shot! He is not running, just walking along. The deer met his maker on the first shot but I did not want to take any chances of this one getting away. He took off after I put the first round into him. I fired 3 more times and hit him two of the three shots. I sank one in the front right leg and one midways of his back as he was jumping over some small trees to get away (reviled after dressing). I found him about 45 yards from my stand. From the time I saw the doe legs coming under the cedar tree to I fired my final shot (only because my gun was empty) it took only 20 to 30 seconds. Two does and a monster buck, the memory will last a lifetime trust me."

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