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Name: Ray Higginbotham
Date: 12/27/04
Harvest Location: Franklin
Size: 8 Point
Shot Distance: 150 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: "I had never taken my wife hunting with me until this year. Finally on this day we were able to go. We got to the stand at 1:30 pm that afternoon. My wife had just sat down and I was still trying to get situated when she whispered to me, "here come some deer." I turned to look and saw a doe and button buck coming straight toward us. We watched both deer feed for about ten to fifteen minutes and then move on up the mountain out of sight. About twenty minutes later a spike came from below us and passed within twenty-five yards of us and then continued up the mountain also. At 3:10 pm I saw movement approximately 150 yards below us and quickly realized I was looking at a "shooter" buck. I checked the deer through my scope and realized it had 8 points and was a pretty good buck. It took several minutes for the deer to turn broadside so I could get a shot, but when it did I was ready. After I shot the deer, it trotted several yards away and stopped with trees and brush blocking my chance to get another good shot into the vitals. Finally, after several agonizing minutes, the deer moved and I was able to put another shot into the vitals and the rest is history. I was so proud that my wife was with me and this one is definitely going on the wall for both of us to continue to enjoy. We will be hunting partners for life and we hope to have more great hunting experiences together."

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