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Name: David Edgar
Date: 11/24/04
Harvest Location: Henderson
Size: 5 Point
Shot Distance: 150 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: "I got to my stand and I as I climbed up the ladder I could see a big deer in the moonlight way out in a corn field. As it got lighter I could see it was a nice buck. I had my scope dialed in and thought I could take the shot. I shot and the deer never moved. I shot again and he started running right at me. He got about 80 yards and I fired again. He stumbled and ran to the woods. I waited about 20 minutes and got down. I got to the field edge and I saw him stand up and walk off. I backed off and waited 2 hours and went back with help for tracking. We found one little spot of blood and some hair. We later jumped him around noon there was a small patch of blood where he had been laying. He is still out there for sure. I got back in the stand and this buck came out right at dark and I nailed him at 150 yards." Pictured with Steve Turpin and his doe.

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