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Name: Jared Kibbler
Date: 10/29/05
Harvest Location: Weakley
Size: 6 Point
Shot Distance: 100 Yards
Harvested With: Muzzleloader
Story: "I completed my hunter safety course in August of 2005. Not long after successfully completing it, I set to work on scouting and setting up my deer blind. My dad and I settled on a pine thicket in Weakley County. I hunted hard opening morning of the juvenile hunt, but was very disappointed when I did not even see a deer. My dad told me that sometimes things just happen that way and that we would go again that afternoon. We arrived back in the blind about 4:00 p.m. Saturday afternoon. It did not take long for three does to come within 20 yards of my blind. I got all excited because I thought that I was finally going to get a shot at my first deer. As luck would have it, the deer never presented a shot. I was beginning to lose hope when 6:15 rolled around. It was getting dark and I knew dad was about to say it was time to go. Just when I thought it was over for the day, I looked out across the pines and spotted a deer. The deer was out about 100 yards and was looking straight at the blind. It took about two steps out into a clearing and I could tell it was a buck! I got my dads attention and then readied myself for a shot. My dad said as soon as I felt comfortable and had it sighted in good, I could take the shot. I was hunting with my new muzzleloader so when I fired the smoke obstructed my view so I was not sure if I had hit him. My dad and I left the blind to see if we could find some hair or blood. As we came up on the spot where the deer had been standing we did not see any sign that the deer had been hit. My stomach began to hurt a little, as I assured my dad that I sighted him in really good. My dad and I took a few steps forward and it was then that my dad spotted the deer about thirty yards further out than I had thought he had been. My shot had hit the deer in the neck, dropping him in his tracks!"

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