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Name: Julie Locker
Date: 11/19/05
Harvest Location: Lincoln
Size: 8 Point
Shot Distance: 100 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: "This has been a great season, My husband bought me a new rifle to use this year , that would be easier for me to handle & more distant in a shot. I was not expecting to be able to try it out so soon. Early that morning I walked up the side of a hill and sit under a tree, watching everything below me. I saw a small 4 point, and let it pass. Then 2 does passed. I was in hopes to see something bigger(especially after walking up that difficult hill). I waited and nothing else came. So I headed back to the truck, down the hill. I got to the bottom and decided to sit beside the creek in the sun for a while. After just a few minutes I saw 2 does coming out of the woods in front of me, then 3 more, shortly after 4 more came out. I was watching them run and play, they all kept looking back in the woods .I was wondering why they kept on looking back, then I saw another one in the woods, He finally worked his way out enough where I could see that it was a nice buck. But no clear shot. I sit there holding my breath, watching him through my scope, waiting to see if he would come out into the open pasture, 2 does worked there way on out, I was scared they would see me and run because I was sitting out in the open under a tree. Finally the buck started after the does as soon as he stepped out I took a shot at him, he buckled and started running for the woods, but before he got across the open pasture I shot him again and he dropped. I couldnt believe I got him. I was so excited."

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