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Name: Hunter Nolen
Date: 11/18/06
Harvest Location: Wolf River WMA
Size: 11 Point
Shot Distance: 65 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: "Well, I harvested this big joker down at the Wolf river. We knew there was some big bucks down there so we found us a could set up spot and decided to scout that area for the weekend's hunt. We scouted that whole Friday. I found me a good tree and put my ladder stand up in it. It was 'bout mid-day when me and my dad headed back to the trailer where me and my dad was stayin' with a buddy and his son. When I didn't see nothin' that next Saturday mornin' I moved my stand. Me and my dad found me a big oak tree on a tree line overlookin' a field and deciced to put my stand up in it. Since our buddies didn't see nothin' either they were movin' their stands too. We headed out that evenin' and I was real exited since tommorrow was my birthday! We had started walkin' to the stand at about 3:00pm and a shot rang out in the direction of our buddies. We thought it might be them so we got even more exited. A couple more minutes of walkin' and we saw two incredibly huge racks bouncin' across the field. We thought our buddy's shot might've jumped 'em up. I raised my barrel up on my dad's shoulder and followed the rack across the field with my scope. I got real shaky and nervous fast. That big monster stepped out into the clearing and I knew this was my chance. So, I clicked my safety off and the deer was starin' a whole in my forehead. With one big exhale I squeezed the trigger. After about 15min. of blood trailin' we had found 2 little specs of blood. I was real mad so I split up from my dad and went to my stand. When I got to it I started walkin' backwards toward the thicket that the deer ran into. I took about 5 steps when I saw his big white belly. I was so exited, it was my best birthday present ever!!!!! Come to find out, that was our buddy's son that shot and he came back with a 7 point which was his first buck!"

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