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Name: Bart Jones
Date: 10/09/06
Harvest Location: Maury
Size: 9 Point
Shot Distance: 18 Yards
Harvested With: Bow
Story: "I hunted this buck for one week. I had him patterned to come out into a field at a certain spot. He never would come into bow range so I moved and set up in a ditch that was overgrown with weeds in the middle of the 100 acre field. Finally on October 4th, he and five other bucks and one doe came off the hill into the field and crossed the ditch that I was hunting in. He moved up the ditch toward my direction till he was at 18 yards. I shot and my arrow hit some weeds which knocked the arrow off target a little. The arrow struck the buck across his brisket and lodged into his front left leg. I trailed a really good blood trail for five days over close to two miles of ground. On the fifth day I jumped the deer for the second time and he ran off a hill into the creek below and the buck died there within minutes on October the 9th! No matter how long the blood trail, no matter how good or bad the shot... NEVER GIVE UP ON THE SEARCH!"

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