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Name: Michael Sullivan
Date: 11/20/99
Harvest Location: Marion
Size: 8 point
Shot Distance: 50 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: Opening day of gun season, I went to some public land that is very difficult to access, so the deer have a chance to mature. There had been some intermittent drizzle during the night. As I walked in a sudden thunderstorm soaked me to the bone. I reached my planned site just at legal shooting time. After sitting there for 2 hours I was shivering. I walked to the edge of the ride and climbed down to the first bench. I decided to eat some crackers and then still hunt back to the truck because I was so cold. I was chewing my second cracker when I heard him coming from my left on the deer trail running 20 yards below me on the steep slope. I had dropped my rifle the night before while putting the sling on. It landed on the scope, I took it anyway, because I knew 50 yards would be a long shot where I was hunting. I set my canteen down, opened my scope caps and pushed the safety off. The shape of a deer became apparent through the brush. He would take 2-3 steps with his nose on the ground, raise his head, look ahead, behind and to each side. I could tell he was tilting his head back as he looked around. I had to wait until he stepped into the shooting lane. Luckily for me when he did he stopped. Unfortunately for me he looked right at me and I forgot I had dropped the rifle. I aimed for his neckback juncture and pressed the trigger. He hit the ground so hard he bounced then rolled downhill until he was 50 yards away. I laid my rifle across my lap and reached for my canteen and he stood up As I worked the bolt on my rifle, his hind legs collapsed and as he gathered them again, I shot him between the shoulders. I worked the bolt again and held crosshairs on him for a good 2 minutes before I walked up to him. It turned out my rifle was shooting about 2 inches high and the first round had only grazed him, bruising him and stunning him. I was in rough territory by myself and it took 4 hours with ropes and about 2 gallons of sweat to get him out. When I got him to the road, some guys stopped and help me load him in the truck.

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