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Name: Josh Carty
Date: 10/06/07
Harvest Location: Roane
Size: Button
Shot Distance: 20 Yards
Harvested With: Bow
Story: "I had just climbed up in my treestand, when I heard leaves rustling about 35 yards away. My brother, who was still on the ground, said, "deer!" Sure enough here came two yearlings. I quickly and quietly pulled up my bow, then got into position. The smaller deer, a doe, walked through one of my shooting lanes followed by the button buck. When he stepped into the shooting lane, I bleated at him. He stopped broad side, and I put an arrow right through his jugular vein. He stumbled 20 yards before pilling up in a brier patch. This was my first deer with a bow. All the work I had done over the summer prior to bow season really paid off."

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