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Name: Kenny Clark
Date: 10/29/99
Harvest Location: McNairy
Size: Doe
Shot Distance: 18 Yards
Harvested With: 180 yards
Story: Got on my stand about 6:30 a.m. At 7:40 had a Doe walk up on me and feed up to about 15 yards. She spotted me and ran off. Had several more deer walk up on me but never could get a shot. Had a couple of bucks come up in sight but not close enough to shoot. About 10:00 had two Does and two yearlings feed around in front of me and finally the Doe came out onto the logging road and fed up to the stand and jumped off the road. Ran a little bit, came back up to the logging road and had some more deer with her. I shot her and she ran out about 30 yards and fell over on the logging road.

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