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Name: Herbie Bales
Date: 12/04/99
Harvest Location: Meigs
Size: 9 Point
Shot Distance: 35 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: The week before gun season I decided to build my tree stand on my land in North Meigs County, this was on Nov. 16, 1999. I built my stand out of wood and put it in a big Oak tree about 30 feet up in the tree. There was Bowater land beside me and my uncles land on the other corner of me. During the time I was building my stand I had a Doe to walk up on me and watch, then ran off when she caught my smell. The day before opening day, Nov. 19, 1999, I was there early around 9:00am looking around from my stand. When I saw what I thought was a 4 point buck that was rounding up 4 Does. So I was excited about hunting the next day, but that was the last time I saw the big buck until the last weekend of gun season then finally on Saturday Dec. 4, 1999 I was late getting into the woods and in my stand. It was 700 am when I got in my stand and stayed there for about a hour. The wind was cold so I decided to get down out of my stand and walk up to the top of my hill to look around, I walk about 30 feet, then that is when I saw what looked like a 4 point buck and 5 Does walking out of the thicket on to my land. So I took a shot once and they stopped when I kicked my hull out and reloaded they started to run and I shot again and they ran off down the hill toward my pond about 25 yards and he fell. Still thinking I had shot a 4 point buck, but when I walked up to him I saw that he was a 9 point buck. My shot was a very good shot, going thru the right side right behind his ribs and exiting through the back side of his left shoulder, a good lung shot, and it wasted no meat, like the shoulder roasts. I have been on cloud 9 since my success because I have been deer hunting for about 20 years now and this was my very first buck I have ever killed. He is now steaks, roasts, chops and burger in my freezer. And soon his head will be mounted on my wall, going against my wifes say so. But what could she say my first buck and it was a good one, so he's found a permanent home.

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