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Name: Barry McCann
Date: 01/08/00
Harvest Location: AEDC
Size: 8 Point
Shot Distance: 90 Yards
Harvested With: Shotgun
Story: I got in my stand around 6:00 am and had not been there 10 minutes when I heard deer milling around in a pine thicket behind my stand. I heard the buck rubbing his horns several times but could never see any deer. Finally, around 7:15 am I caught movement of a deer, it was a Doe about 125 yards away. I spotted the buck just as he passed through the only opening I had for a clear shot. Just as I thought I had blown it, the buck turned around and headed back the way he had come from. When he entered the opening this time, I was ready. After the shot, the deer ran into the pine thicket and stopped. All I could see was his legs. He stood there for several minutes, I thought I had missed. Finally one of the Does busted out of the thicket and the buck followed. He tried to jump over a blown down tree about head high, but he couldn't make it. He hit the tree and did a back flip landing with is horns stuck in the ground and his feet sticking straight in the air.

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