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Name: Justin Moore
Date: 11/18/07
Harvest Location: Madison
Size: 12 Point
Shot Distance: 50 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: "I shot this deer in Madison Co on 11-18-07 at last light. About 4:30 I had 6 does to meet up in My Whitetail Institute food plot to feed for the night, I could tell that they were a little fidgety and kept looking back in the woods. About 10 till 5 I had a small buck with 4 points on one side and the other beam broke off come down the ridge on opposite side of the field and began chasing the does, in which he ran 2 of them out of the field. I happen to catch movement out of the corner of my eye, and there he was making a scrape on the edge of the field. He threw his head up twice and I could hear hem sniffing the does, and after the second sniff he lowered his head and ran still legged straight for the 4 does still left in the field, grunting the entire time. I was lucky enough that he chased one of the does into the middle of the field, which give me the chance to take aim and fire. I saw him high kick and bound off toward the wood line. Me being myself I did not bring anything to the stand but my rifle so I had to wait on my uncle and friend to bring flashlights to follow the trail. He ran about 75 yards and piled up, he has 12 points, 21 3/4 spread and dressed out at 178 lbs. I was very proud to harvest this great deer."

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