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Name: Lee Elkins
Date: 12/02/07
Harvest Location: Hancock
Size: 8 Point
Shot Distance: 50 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: "I was running extremely late getting into the woods so I decided to still hunt my way to a deep saddle. I had just reached the top of the mountain and 3 does came running straight at me. They got within ten yards or so and spooked. They ran three different directions. I looked up and here came another deer, a spike. The buck ran to the spot the does had stopped and looked right at me. He never ran, just put his nose back to the ground and started sniffing. I knew that the rut was ON! I decided that I would keep my original plan and keep walking out the top of the mountain. I kept seeing big rubs and scrapes. I came to a real deep saddle and decided to sit there for a while. As soon as I sat down two does came running by and not 70 yards up the other side stood this proud 8 point. I shot him at 50 yards, he dropped in his tracks. I gave him about 15 minutes and started to go look at him. I got about 10 yards from him and he stood up, looked right at me, lowered his horns, and charged. I raised my gun and shot again. The bullet hit the main beam of his left antler twice, through his ear, and landed in the neck. He was finally down. A tough rutting buck from tough country!"

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