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Name: Danny Savage
Date: 11/21/89
Harvest Location: Natchez Trace WMA
Size: 8 point
Shot Distance: 125 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: I took this buck a few years ago in North Natchez Trace WMA. At the time TWRA had a Trophy management plan going in South Natchez Trace. I have never hunted that area. I had went into the area and climbed into a tree with my old modified tree stand down an old logging road overlooking a bottom. The fellow I was hunting with set up on the power line right-of-way. About 9:00 I heard a lot of commotion up near the power line and heard shots and a young, excited, voice proclaiming I got one After they moved out and I heard their 4 wheeler leave I settled down and began doing what I do best, hanging in there. I made a few soft Doe grunts about every half an hour, but no more. About 11:00 I heard a noise behind me up the ridge about 100-125 yards away. I had to turn all the way around and backwards and to the wrong side of the tree. I lifted my rifle and looked through my scope and saw this buck finishing a scrape that was the noise I heard and doing his eye thing to a low branch. By the time I got on him he had started moving and I kept moving with him and realized I had better shoot now if I was to have a shot. When I touched it off the lever on my Rifle semi-auto was against the tree and it sheared bark into my face. I was shooting 150 grain Nosler Partition bullets. In a few minutes I heard my partners 4-wheeler coming down the old road bed. He asked was it me that shot and when I said yes he went ballistic and said well, get down and let's get him. We went to the scrape and began blood trailing him. We decided to go have lunch and give him some time. My partner asked for some toilet paper to mark the spot. When he walked to the top of the next rise to place the paper he shouted there he is He hadn't went far at all. X-TENN

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