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Name: Mike Reed
Date: 11/30/00
Harvest Location: Obion
Size: 16 Point
Shot Distance: n/a Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: A group of us obtained this lease in 99. The land had not been hunted in10-15 years. Needless to say I was very exited at the prospect of seeingsome old deer. Last season I saw a large deer on the opening day of gunseason, but did not get a shot. Ever since then I have been hunting thisdeer. I usually take my brother with me on hunts and every morning he asksif we are going to get anything. My usual reply was probably not. On themorning of Nov. 30, before he could ask I told him I was going to get a bigone this morning. To my surprise that is exactly what happened. I wasn'tin the stand for 30 minutes when I heard steps coming from behind me. Ihad my video camera on a home-made mount andstarted to turn it on. Ilooked to see what was coming when all I saw was horns stepping out only 30yards away. I reacged for the camera again when he stopped and started tolook around. I decided not to risk spooking him so I raised my gun andfired. The deer ran about 75 yards and fell in my sight. I started toclimb down and when I reached the base of the tree I looked up and sawanother 8-point walking in front of me. He walked over to my downed deeerand sniffed him and walked away. I did manage to get this on video. Notknowing exactly how big the deer was I couldn't wait to go see him. Iapproached him with video running. I was very surprised to see the 16point frame with the third beam out of his forehead. This was not the samedeer I had been hunting, but he was even better. After we had gotten thedeer out of the woods, I checked his teeth to see about how old he was.The deer did not have a tooth in his head. There is no telling how old hereally was. Needless to say this deer is at the taxidermist and will be avery good trophy for a long time.

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