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Name: Todd Reed
Date: 12/24/07
Harvest Location: Bedford
Size: 8 Point
Shot Distance: 145 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: I was hunting with my brother-in-law Kevin Gibbs. We had agreed that if I saw a deer, Iíd shoot it and if he saw it, he would shoot it. That plan didnít work very well for him. Christmas Eve, Full Moon, Cold and so quiet you could hear a gnat from a 100 yards. At day break Kevin said, DEER!! DEER!! The Buck locked up at the sound of his voice. He didnít move for several minutes. Kevin couldnít get a shot because I was between him and the buck, so he told me to shoot him. I asked twice if he was sure and he said yes, just shoot it. I shot him straight on in the brisket at 145 yards. He ran about 35 yards behind one of the twenty trees in the 15 acre field. I told Kevin, I think heís a really nice buck. He did get as good of a look at him as I did, so when we found him, he was really excited. It was the biggest deer he had ever seen and he let me shoot it. I owe this buck to him.

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