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Name: Donnie Mathy
Date: 09/25/99
Harvest Location: Rutherford
Size: 8 point
Shot Distance: 15 Yards
Harvested With: Bow
Story: On September 25, I was hunting a funnel area on a farm in Rockvale, TN. Ten minutes after daylight, an 8-point buck strolled into view about 35 yards from my stand. 30 seconds later, an even bigger 8-Point came in behind him Both deer were heading in my direction. I tried to stay calm as I let the first buck walk on by me The second buck stopped broadside at about 15 yards I was able to make a good shot on him penetrating both lungs. The deer wheeled and crashed through the woods. After a forty yard bloodtrail, I found the deer piled up under a cedar tree This was truly an opening day to remember

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