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Name: Rebecca Younger
Date: 10/28/07
Harvest Location: Fayette
Size: 6 Point
Shot Distance: 135 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: It was youth weekend and I took my then 8 year old step daughter out with me that afternoon. We were in a box stand together and hunted all afternoon without seeing a single deer. We were both about ready to call it quits when this buck came out of the woods about 175 yards from us. I saw him come out and pointed him out to Becca, but because the sun had just set, it was getting low light and I lost him. Well she didn't and soon we both had him in our sights. I set her up in front of me, braced her against myself and lined up the shot. She took over, got him in the scope and BOOM!!! He didn't take another step. I am a PROUD dad!!!!

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