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Name: Christian Joyce
Date: 10/25/08
Harvest Location: Madison
Size: 6 Point
Shot Distance: 105 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: This was my first deer hunt. My uncle took me to a farm where he hunts and said he had a good place picked out for me. Well as we arrived there were two more trucks pulling in to the area we were gonna hunt so my uncle did some quick thinking and we went to the other end of the farm. He told me to be ready as the sun was coming up. It was very foggy. I told my uncle I hated the fog but all of a sudden I saw this big bodied buck in the fog. My uncle told me to take good aim and squeeze the trigger and when I did the buck bolted right at us. We thought it was gonna come right in the blind with us. He turned just 10 yards from our blind and fell dead within 30 I think I love foggy weather...It was my first deer hunt and I hope to go many more times !

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