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Name: Johnny Dykes
Date: 11/26/00
Harvest Location: Smith
Size: 9 Point
Shot Distance: n/a Yards
Harvested With: 25-06
Story: I was sitting in my stand early that morning, from in which i can see the main road. I heard a gun shot, so loud it almost rang my ears. I looked down toward the road and saw someone running across a field and jump in a truck. At this point, I was almost ready to give up for the morning. About and hour later around nine o'clock I saw a Doe step out of some brush and he was right behind her. I took a rest off my treestand aimed and fired a round into his neck dropping him instantly. I was so pleased and fortunate to kill this buck, if you look close you can see where he was shot from the road earlier that morning. I know this because as Ii got him to the truck that other truck pulled up. A guy got out and said, Where was that deer hit at. In other words this poacher was trying to take my deer. I have hunted since I was ten to get a trophy like this, I got him at twenty-four. Yet, some poacher tried to kill him from the road. I hope this is a lesson for everyone and good luck in the 2001 season.

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