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Name: Craig Green
Date: 10/07/00
Harvest Location: Smith
Size: 6 Point
Shot Distance: 27 Yards
Harvested With: Bow
Story: 8:20 AM. It was real windy and I hadn't prepared for the cold front. As a result I was swinging my feet to warm up. I scared a Doe off that had crept up on me and figured I had lost my chance for that day. About 25 seconds later this buck came up following her. I drew back my bow but couldn't swing around because by stand was in the way. I waited about 1 minute and he came broadside to me. I shot, he ran off and I heard him fall about 75 yrds away. I waited 10 min and headed down the tree. About half way down a Doe came up and watched me climb down. I could have shot her too but this was my first buck and I was a little nervous. She ran off as I pick up by bow. BTW the bow was on the ground I never climb with it. I always lower it down first on a string.

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