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Name: Christian Zoccola
Date: 10/26/08
Harvest Location: Hardeman
Size: 10 Point
Shot Distance: 20 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: 7 year old Christian and I had been hunting all juvenile weekend, we saw quite a few deer and I even had to make him pass on a 3 point that tried to tempt us. Sunday evening came and we were lying behind a hay bale on the edge of a Soy bean field. We were now about an hour away from leaving empty handed (considering I made him pass on a 20 yard shot on that 3 point) Christian was not too happy. I suggested we say a prayer. Christian said a prayer and within a minute this big boy stepped out. Christian couldn’t see the buck due to some bushes on the edge of the field but I propped the gun up on the hay bale pointing in the right direction and told him to just start looking through the scope and that the deer would step into the clear to present the shot. The deer did just as I expected and Christian could see the deer but now I couldn’t. Christian said he was on the deer and I said go ahead and take the shot. He did and he made it count. The deer ran about 60 yards after the shot. We said another prayer of thanks then went to find the deer. It was an 8 point with a 2 inch kicker off of each base for a total of 10. This was Christians first deer and he harvested it with the same Marlin 30/30 that dad harvested his first deer.

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