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Name: Wesley Huckaba
Date: 11/18/06
Harvest Location: Lawrence
Size: 11 Point
Shot Distance: 75 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story:  This hunt was the second gun hunt of Laurel Hill. I got in my stand while it was still dark and sat there quietly waiting on that awesome time at daybreak when the deer are moving good. At about 6:10am someone walked in on me about 10 yards from my stand. I finally got their attention and he slowly made his way to the top of the hill still in my range and climbed up in a climber stand. I watched this guy for a while mad and wondering why he would climb so close to me. After about 20 min. he began to rattle and grunt and within 10 mor min. he shot and rang my ears. Then someone else shot over the hil from him. Once more he shot again. I could see that he had hit what had looked like a doe. At this time I am thinking that there is no chance in the world that I am going to see anything but I sat there patiently. Finally, about 7:15am a doe started down from behind me and looked as if she was going towards that other guy. At that time I used my Primos can call and the doe turned and came my way. Thank you can call because behind her was 2 more does and a buck. This buck was big. He chased the does down the hill and stopped directly to my left. I looked and my scope was partially fogged. I wiped it with my finger and took the shot. I was about 90% sure that the buck was 9 pts. or more because I thought I saw sticker points. The shot was perfect but just to make sure I shot once more while the deer was had ran to my front. The deer then dropped and man was I excited. I waited as long as I could and then I climbed down and when I saw this deer he was more than what I saw at a distance. He was huge in my eyes. This is a deer with a story that I may never top especially around this part of the country. The buck gross scored 166". His split off his brow tine is 8". Sometimes it just takes other shots to get em' moving. But nevertheless I thank GOD for this experience.

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