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Name: Donald Rogers
Date: 11/04/08
Harvest Location: Robertson
Size: 13 Point
Shot Distance: 80 Yards
Harvested With: Muzzleloader
Story: I had let 4 does, a 110 class 8, a 4, a half rack six and a spike walk that morning all by 8:30 am. hunted until 11:00 am and saw nothing else. Had gotten down to go to lunch. Came back at 3:00 pm (same stand), setting there bored in seeing no deer, looked up at the far end of food plot, to my suprize there were 2 deer looking up in my direction, I glassed them and it was two does they spoked at something and ran off. As I was no longer bored anymore I sat intent to see the next deer. At 4:30 I had a shotter buck (125 class or better) come running by me, I couldnt get on the deer, at that time I said there went my buck. I started a series of 5 grunts from a buck roar and at 5:00 pm here comes my buck at 80 yrds broadside, he stops and crosshairs go on him and the rest is history. this buck feild dressed at 155 pounds, rack rough scored at 138. He is a main frame 10 with split browe tine and kicker on right side and a 1 3/4 in kicker off of the left browe. He also has 5 more kickers that are not scorable.

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